Manfred Rüth (CEO of MOLL Automation GmbH) goes into semi-retirement:

moll-manfred-rueth Between 1992 and 2014, Mr. Manfred Rüth played a decisive role in the upswing and positive development of MOLL Automation GmbH, first as head of construction and later as CEO.

In 1992 Mr. Rüth joined the former Moll Mechanical Engineering GmbH as head of construction. Within a short period of time, he built up a construction department of 20 employees and played a big role in changing the company from sub-contractor to direct supplier to the automotive industry during the 1990s.

At the beginning of 2011, Mr. Rüth became CEO of the newly founded MAT GmbH and helped set it on the right course. This stint ended early, however, when the ROFA Group took over MOLL Mechanical Engineering GmbH in June 2011.

After his short absence he became joint CEO of the newly founded Moll Automation GmbH along with Mr. Josef Moll. Together over the past three-and-a-half years, they have made Moll Automation GmbH one of the companies with the highest turnover in the region.
Mr. Rüth has always been regarded as the calm center of the company and, with his enormous general and specialist knowledge, was the first person to go to when technical problems arose no one else could solve.

Many of the younger employees have profited from his long years of work experience, since he always had an open ear for questions of all kind and took time for everyone’s needs.

As CEO, Mr. Rüth will certainly leave a great hole that we must fill together.
We are fortunate that we do not yet have to do without his technical know-how, since he will be around as advisor to the company for some time to come.

The entire team of MOLL Automation GmbH would like to express a heartfelt thank for everything Mr. Rüth as done over the past years which is difficult to overestimate. We wish our former CEO all the best for the coming “quieter” years.