The Motto for 2014 at MOLL Automation GmbH: “Donations instead of Presents”

moll-spenden-1 moll-spenden-2
In accordance with the motto “Donations instead of presents,” MOLL Automation GmbH donated € 2,090 each to two charity organizations for Christmas 2014.

As in the previous year, a unanimous decision was reached that the employees would forgo Christmas gifts and the works committee initiated a donation drive. In addition and in order to achieve the donated amount, neither business partners nor customers received gifts.

The donations went to the following two charities:
One is the Bettina-Bräu Foundation, which MOLL has actively supported for many years. The foundation has helped children with cancer for almost 30 years now.

The donated money will be used to promote research into the causes of childhood cancer, improve medical measures and therapies, and – as far as is possible – alleviate the strain on the social environment of the affected children.

The other supported charity is “Happiness through Help,” initiated by the Straubinger Tagblatt. For more than 15 years, this initiative has helped people in need faced with various types of misfortune in the Straubing-Bogen region.
Both institutions are well-established and can be relied upon to get 100% of the donations to those in need.