The Motto for 2014 at MOLL Automation GmbH: “Donations instead of Presents”

moll-spenden-1 moll-spenden-2
In accordance with the motto “Donations instead of presents,” MOLL Automation GmbH donated € 2,090 each to two charity organizations for Christmas 2014.

As in the previous year, a unanimous decision was reached that the employees would forgo Christmas gifts and the works committee initiated a donation drive. In addition and in order to achieve the donated amount, neither business partners nor customers received gifts.

The donations went to the following two charities:
One is the Bettina-Bräu Foundation, which MOLL has actively supported for many years. The foundation has helped children with cancer for almost 30 years now.

The donated money will be used to promote research into the causes of childhood cancer, improve medical measures and therapies, and – as far as is possible – alleviate the strain on the social environment of the affected children.

The other supported charity is “Happiness through Help,” initiated by the Straubinger Tagblatt. For more than 15 years, this initiative has helped people in need faced with various types of misfortune in the Straubing-Bogen region.
Both institutions are well-established and can be relied upon to get 100% of the donations to those in need.


ROFA CONTROLS ROMANIA S.R.L. receives award for Top 1 Company 2013 in Timis County

diploma lo
We are pleased that ROFA CONTROLS ROMANIA SRL received the award "TOPUL FIRMELOR DIN JUDETUL TIMIS" in 2013.

This price is awarded by the Timis Chamber of Industry and Commerce to small companies with excellent business results. ROFA CONTROLS ROMANIA S.R.L. was awarded 1st prize in the area of research, development and high-tech.



Innovative Through Research

ROFA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AG was awarded for its research in 2013 by the Association for German Science the seal of approval "Innovative Through Research".

Forschung und Entwicklung 2013 print

Seal of approval " Innovative Through Research"


ROFA Charity Cup zugunsten des FortSchritt Rosenheim e.V.


Manfred Rüth (CEO of MOLL Automation GmbH) goes into semi-retirement:

moll-manfred-rueth Between 1992 and 2014, Mr. Manfred Rüth played a decisive role in the upswing and positive development of MOLL Automation GmbH, first as head of construction and later as CEO.

In 1992 Mr. Rüth joined the former Moll Mechanical Engineering GmbH as head of construction. Within a short period of time, he built up a construction department of 20 employees and played a big role in changing the company from sub-contractor to direct supplier to the automotive industry during the 1990s.

At the beginning of 2011, Mr. Rüth became CEO of the newly founded MAT GmbH and helped set it on the right course. This stint ended early, however, when the ROFA Group took over MOLL Mechanical Engineering GmbH in June 2011.

After his short absence he became joint CEO of the newly founded Moll Automation GmbH along with Mr. Josef Moll. Together over the past three-and-a-half years, they have made Moll Automation GmbH one of the companies with the highest turnover in the region.
Mr. Rüth has always been regarded as the calm center of the company and, with his enormous general and specialist knowledge, was the first person to go to when technical problems arose no one else could solve.

Many of the younger employees have profited from his long years of work experience, since he always had an open ear for questions of all kind and took time for everyone’s needs.

As CEO, Mr. Rüth will certainly leave a great hole that we must fill together.
We are fortunate that we do not yet have to do without his technical know-how, since he will be around as advisor to the company for some time to come.

The entire team of MOLL Automation GmbH would like to express a heartfelt thank for everything Mr. Rüth as done over the past years which is difficult to overestimate. We wish our former CEO all the best for the coming “quieter” years.



ROFA-LEHMER's annual Christmas fundraising campaign in Bodenwöhr

As part of ROFA-LEHMER's Christmas campaign "donation instead of gifts", the company has for the 3rd time decided to donate a resonable amount of money to local social organizations. We were proud to hand over a check to the local kindergarten in Bodenwoehr worth € 1,000, to the kindergarten Eckstein in Plattenhardt  a check worth € 500 and to the VKKK Ostbayern, who are strongly committed to children with cancer and to their families, a check worth € 2,000.




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The trainees of ROFA GROUP on excursion

dgfOn October 20, 2014, 31 trainees and 5 training managers of ROFA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AG, ROFA-LEHMER Förderanlagen GmbH and MOLL Automatisierung GmbH met at BMW Dingolfing for a guided plant tour.

For many decades ROFA Group has been a reliable partner in automation and material handling systems for BMW Dingolfing, were approximately 1,500 vehicles roll off the production lines every day. The plant tour offered our trainees the opportunity to see technology of ROFA in its final purpose. Whether as a technical product designer who is involved in the design of a conveyor system, or as an electronic technician who is responsible e.g. for the wiring of electronic components - all trainees were able to gain an impression of how the activities and tasks of their teaching profession finally result in a running production line.

After the plant tour, a visit to the Dingolfinger Kirta was on the program. Here, the trainees had the opportunity to get to know each other, which was not difficult at all due to a hearty lunch and brass band music.

ROFA Charity Cup zugunsten des FortSchritt Rosenheim e.V.


Dynamic Logistic Systems B.V. (DLS) - a new member of the ROFA GROUP

Dynamic Logistic Systems B.V. (DLS) has been included in the ROFA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION GROUP (Kolbermoor Germany) as majority participation with retroactive effect from January 1, 2013.

DLS (Doetinchem, The Netherlands) is inventor, developer and manufacturer of the so-called Order Release Module (ORM), a fully automated system for mixed order picking and other storage technology products.
ROFA is one of the market leaders in the field of industrial automation regarding the market segments automotive and intralogistics. Already in 2012 BSS Bohnenberg, the system integrator of the ROFA group, acquired a contract for the construction of various order picking systems which was realized in cooperation with DLS. The order release module is thereby one of the major mechanical components for automatic order picking.

In cooperation with BSS DLS will develop further logistics solutions based on the ORM and introduce them to the market. The technology of DLS is also an extension of the product portfolio of the ROFA group in the field of small parts handling equipment. DLS as a new group member enables further opportunities for the development of customized solutions in various market segments.

DLS remains a Dutch company located in Doetinchem.



Great interest for MOLL Automatisierung GmbH

moll ef2,500 visitors on the Open Day – inauguration of the new production hall

On Saturday 09, 2014 MOLL Automatisierung GmbH celebrated the Open Day at the site in Leiblfing. About 2,500 visitors took the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the machine manufacturing company. Already the day before, about 250 invited guests had experienced the successful inauguration of the new 2,500 square meter production hall. The blessing of the hall as well as speeches by distinguished guests from business and politics, offered an informative day at a late summer atmosphere.

Many of the 200 employees took the chance of the Open Day to show their families and friends their place of work. A plant tour provided an insight of all areas. A variety of machine demonstrations and an information desk of the vocational school in Straubing were available. Especially the vocational information allowed interested young people and their parents to learn about the professional training to become a precision mechanics or a technical product designer.

Throughout the entire duration of the event the MOLL staff answered questions, and supplied information about machines and departments. Three model plants, especially designed for the Open Day, delivered an insight into how and where the products of MOLL are utilized at the customer’s premises. A corporate video and a presentation of the company’s development since 1991 were offered, as well as demonstrations of various 3D-animations, layouts and technical designs. A lot of entertainment was also provided. A Segway parcours enjoyed great popularity and everyone who was interested was free to try it out. The presentation of the BMW i3 and i8 electric vehicles attracted many visitors. In the year of the soccer world cup a goal scoring could not be missing. The dance groups of the RRC Feldkirchen entertained with their skills and even the youngest one had some fun. They were given candies and balloons and a bouncy castle was to romp about. The Hansi Feldmann band provided a lively atmosphere.


Johannes Lechner and Josef Glas are beeing honored for their graduation with the “Bayerischen Staatspreis” (Bavarian State Award)

On behalf of the Bavarian State Government, the government of Upper Bavaria awards an anually prize for excellent training graduations.

We are pleased that our employees Johannes Lechner and Josef Glas, after a three years training as a technical product designer and electronics technician for industrial systems, were honored among the best graduates in 2014 with the Bavarian State Award.

Our sincere congratulations for this achievement!



ROFA is honored with the award "Bavaria's Best 50"

Entrepreneurs, who pursue new opportunities for growth and employment and implement them consistently, provide the backbone of the Bavarian economy. They assume responsibility and create jobs, which form the basis of the high standard of living in the Free State of Bavaria. To fully appreciate this achievement, the 50 fastest growing medium-sized companies are annually honored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs with the award "Bavaria's Best 50". The prize is awarded to Bavarian companies, which increased the number of its employees and its turnover above-average in recent years.

We are pleased that this year ROFA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AG was honored with the award "Bavaria's Best 50", which was presented on July 29th in Munich by the Minister of Economic Affairs Ilse Aigner.


Award "Bavaria's Best 50" of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs


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ROFA receives award "IHK training company 2014"

The award "IHK training company 2014" is granted by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) in order to visualize the exemplary commitment of training companies. By its various training opportunities ROFA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AG ensures the necessary availability of young specialists and has proven to be an attractive employer.

More information on training opportunities with ROFA are also available on our website



ROFA-LEHMER Förderanlagen GmbH donates to the water rescue department in Bodenwöhr

ROFA-LEHMER Förderanlagen GmbH donates 2.000,- Euro for the water rescue department in Bodenwöhr. We are pleased to support by our contribution the aquisition of an emergency vehicle. Since the end of June 2014 , the water resuce deparment at the Hammersee is now mobil and this represents a milestone in the history of the local branch. 

Stefan Brandl, president of ROFA-LEHMER Förderanlagen GmbH, handing over the check to the water rescue department in Bodenwöhr

ROFA Charity Cup zugunsten des FortSchritt Rosenheim e.V.