ROFA-Lehmer donates 3,000€ to VKKK Ostbayern e.V.

vkkk Spende 2012
As a part of our Christmas campaign 2012 we ask our customers to choose between a personal Christmas present or a donation of the equivalent value on a charitable purpose. We are very pleased that many have chosen to donate.

For the second time, we decided VKKK Ostbayern e.V. to be beneficiary of the donated total. A total of € 3,000 was raised and on February 13, 2013 a cheque was handed to the Chairman of the East Bavarian VKKK, Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Helmig.

On this occasion we were also able to ascertain that the money will fulfill an important purpose. The association – headquartered in Regensburg – is deeply committed to children and young people suffering from cancer. Here, sick children and their families will be supported during and after treatment at the different stages of life.