daimler   Daimler Kecskemet / Hungary

ROFA delivers the conveyor technology for the final assemly of the A-class to the new Daimler plant in Kecskemet /Hungary.

The scope of the project includes:

delivery paint skid:
- skid roller conveyors: 10 roller conveyors and 4 swing tables
- 4-column lifting units from conveyor bridge

skillet system:
- 340 m track
- 67 skillets

cockpit plant:
- drag chain conveyor
- 25 vehicles with component mounting
- supply of cockpits to skillet system

EMS with lifting device:
- 1, 000 m EMS KB240
- 92 EMS vehicles with lifting carrier

EMS for doors:
- 950 m EMS KB180
- 6 lifting units
- 150 EMS vehicles with carrier for 4 doors
- pre-assembly of doors within the carrier

slat conveyor:
- single track slat conveyor 160 m

plastic module conveyor:
- double track plastic module conveyor for rain test
- single track plastic module conveyor for finish

PO line:
- production optimization line with all conveyor system components