daimler   Daimler Rastatt
ROFA will deliver the floor conveyor technology for the new A- and B-class on conveying and production level.  The scope includes 394 roller conveyors, 33 skid lifting units, 40 cross belt conveyors, 26 excentric lifting tables with roller conveyor, 44 swing and turn tables, 10 scissors lifting tables, 1 lengthwise belt conveyor, 1 cross transfer unit and 18 lock out units on production level, existing of scissors lifting table, cross belt conveyor, roller conveyor, docking unit and safety equippment.

bmw   BMW Shenyang / China

ROFA will deliver a heavy duty EMS with lifting unit (approx. 3 m lifting height) for BMW Shenyang / China. As an interim solution the EMS will increase the procuction capacity of the E90. The realization period of 14 weeks from commissioning to trial operation is extremly short.

The scope includes portal steel work, 6 vehicles with lifting unit, approx. 120 m EMS rail, 1 lock out switch.

bmw   BMW Dingolfing

ROFA received further projects for the expansion of the bodyshop at BMW in Dingolfing. The scope includes the expansion of EMS for rear floor, front floor and underbody. Approximately 1,000 m rail, 35 new EMS and 6 interlocking blocks will be delivered. Furthermore, 200 EMS vehicles will be retooled, various track components, like carrier opener, centering units and special constructions will be delivered. ROFA also will rework lifting units, design, delivery and assemble header steel.

audi   AUDI Ingolstadt

ROFA delivers 3 new light weight EMS for the bodyshop of the new A3 to AUDI Ingolstadt. The light weight EMS KB114 is the latest development of the EMS range at ROFA and a cost effective solution compared to the conventional systems with C1-profile. The new delivered KB114 is used for the transport of inner and outer side panels as well as front ends.

scope of the project:

- 4,000 m EMS Kb114
- 370 vehicles with carrier
- 45 two-way switches
- 16 transfer switches
- 10 lifting uniits with a lifting height between 8.70 m to 25 m

logo-nordex   Nordex Rostock

NORDEX is manufacturer of wind power plants and expands its production capacities on its Rostock site. There, besides the nacell assembly, control cabinets are assembled. For the automatization of the control box assembly, ROFA delivers 11 drag chain conveyors for a cyclic line assembly. 3 conveyors for Pitch-Box, 2 conveyors for Top-Box, 1 for Trafo-Box, 1 for Akku-Box and 3 conveyors for Bottom-Box. The live loads vary between 200 -2,500 kg (per assembly vehicle). 70 vehicles are transported in total. The lines are equipped with SPS S7 control, WinCC interface and Andon system.

daimler   Daimler Kecskemet / Hungary

ROFA delivers the conveyor technology for the final assemly of the A-class to the new Daimler plant in Kecskemet /Hungary.

The scope of the project includes:

delivery paint skid:
- skid roller conveyors: 10 roller conveyors and 4 swing tables
- 4-column lifting units from conveyor bridge

skillet system:
- 340 m track
- 67 skillets

cockpit plant:
- drag chain conveyor
- 25 vehicles with component mounting
- supply of cockpits to skillet system

EMS with lifting device:
- 1, 000 m EMS KB240
- 92 EMS vehicles with lifting carrier

EMS for doors:
- 950 m EMS KB180
- 6 lifting units
- 150 EMS vehicles with carrier for 4 doors
- pre-assembly of doors within the carrier

slat conveyor:
- single track slat conveyor 160 m

plastic module conveyor:
- double track plastic module conveyor for rain test
- single track plastic module conveyor for finish

PO line:
- production optimization line with all conveyor system components

audi   AUDI Ingolstadt

As a further system for the bodyshop of the new A3 at the AUDI plant in Ingolstadt, ROFA delivers a lightweight EMS KB114 for doors.

The scope includes approx. 500 m rail, 42 vehicles, 4 lifting units, 4 special lifting units with extensible telescop, 14 switches as well as one transfer switch.


ROFA GmbH delivers assembly line for nacelles of wind wheels

Nordex, the world's largest procucer of wind energy plants, is currently expanding it's production capacities on the Rostock / Germany and Jonesboro / USA plant. ROFA GmbH, specialist for heavy duty automatization and conveying technology, delivers the conveyors for cyclic and continuous operation. The conveyor technique will increase the efficiency of the nacelles assembly and therefore increase the production output.
The nacelle exists of 3 moduls, whereas each is assembled in the plant, transported to the site and installed and commisioned at the location.  

1. Nacelles
2. Hub
3. Drive train

A skillet system has been chosen as the most optimal conveyor system. Because of the heavy loads up to 60 tons, the ROFA heavy duty rail system RS60 - a world's first - is implemented. This special rail offers decisive advantages: At first the heavy loads up to 70 tons (incl. skillet platforms) have to be picked up. The characteristic of the ROFA heavy duty rail system is, that the running wheels have contact via 2 points to the rail, the so called "gothical arch". The pressure angle in this case is 30°. By this trick the load can be significantly increased compared to conventional train rails and additionallly the combination of rail and running wheels  achieve a lower friction coefficient. This reduces the necessary shearing force to a minimum and lowers the wear of the drive unit.

skillet system with load capacity of 60 tons
corner unit with hydraulic lifting unit
transfer to cross rails by pneumatic turn plate units
length: 250 m

skillet system with a load capacity of 60 tons
4 skillet platforms
length: 60 m

Hub assembly:
skillet system with a load capacity of 30 tons
7 skillet platforms
length: 35 m

skillet system with a load capacity of 5 tons
7 skillet platforms
length: 20 m

Geno beam:
skillet system with a load capacity of 25 tons
3 skillet platforms
length: 30 m

Floor frame:
skillet system with a load capacity of 35 tons
2 skillet platforms
length: 20 m


on-board drive on SKID


Daimler Bremen

Daimler Bremen is currently adjusting their existing plants in hall 2 to the new SL.

ROFA was commissioned the following scope:

- retooling of the mountings of the existing skid handling systems
- track modification of the existing heavy duty EMS with swing carriers
  7 new EMS vehicles will be delivered and 31 EMS vehicles will be modified and adjusted to mixed operation
- delivery of 2 new slat conveyors. The slat conveyors are 65 m each and will be equipped by swing or turn tables for transfer tasks


Mercedes-Benz Tuscaloosa / USA

Besides the M- and R-class, the GL and GLK is fabricated at the Mercedes-Benz Werk Tuscaloosa / USA.

The plant operates in 2 shift production and produces 200 vehicles per shift. For the integration of the new W/X-166 into the existing systems, ROFA realizes the retooling of assembly plant 2, whereas door line, final EMS, skillet system and frontend module line have to be reworked. Additionally modifications, like integration of handling devices and buffer areas in trim and final line will be done.

For the new „Log Engine Line" ROFA realizes a roller conveyor with automated trailer loading and unloading for the transport of engines / gears on pallets.

gm   GM Shanghai / China

A new assembly hall will be build in the already existing GM Shanghai plant Yantai (Plant DY). The so called „New General Assembly-Shop DYIII", a complete new final assembly, will be realized by the end of next year.  ROFA will deliver a heavy duty EMS (chassis line) and an AGV system for power trains, as well as the marriage with mechanical and electriacal scope. The marriage takes place synchronously and continuously. The AGV are inductively applied to the system and inductively guided.

The scope includes:

Chassis line:
- 73 EMS vehicles with lifting mechanism
- ca. 900 m EMS track
- 3 switches

AGV / marriage:
- 15 AGV vehicles incl. on-build lifting table
- ca. 110 m AGV track