ford logo   Order by FORD Craiova / Romania

ROFA will deliver the skid conveying technology for the bodyshop of Ford's Craiova plant in Romania. The scope includes 30 driven roller conveyors, 1 skid stapler, 1 lifting station, 20 gravitiy rollers and 250 skids. Realization will be in fall 2009.

bmw   New order for ROFA GmbH by BMW Spartanburg / USA

ROFA received a further order by BMW for their bodyshop in Spartanburg / USA. The project includes 4 EMS systems (inner, outer and center side panel, as well as underbody) on a course of 800 m, 75 vehicles and 9 lifting stations. Also the project contains 110 chain conveyors, 76 cross chain conveyors, 26 eccentric lifting tables, 4 scissors lifting tables, 4 swing tables and 8 lifting stations. SOP will be by the end of 2010.

bmw   ROFA-Lehmer delivers motor and gear sequenzer for BMW Spartanburg / USA

The scope includes an entire silo high bay warehouse with floor section, 2,340 storing positions, 2 piece stacker crane, 4 infeed/outfeed positions (2 piece each) and the related conveyor technique.
The latter includes chain conveyors, edge convertors, lifting stations, turntables.

rofa   New orders for ROFA GmbH

Order by VW Bratislava / Slovakia
Within the relocation of the Q7 production, two main assembly lines (EMS KB 240) will be connected so that the load carrying equipment can be replaced. Therefore all control features and maintenance areas will be adjusted. Also within the scope of the project  is the expansion and adjustment of  the existing door line by ROFA profile KB180 and the expansion of an existing skillet system. The challenge of this project is, that all reconstructions will we done while production and on weekends.


daimler   New heavy duty EMS for Daimler Wörth

ROFA received the order to deliver a heavy duty EMS KB 240 (twin rail) for the transport of truck cabins.

The scope incluces:

1. development of a new lifting carrier with the following components:
- safety concept and risk analysis
- scissors lifting carrier

2. revision of carrier concept:
- revision of the safety concept of the vehicle
- general overhaul of the vehicles
- implementation of new components

3. installation of a sample with complete operation check

4. modification and commissioning of all 18 vehicles and carriers in the system

5. risk analysis and following modification of a maintenance unit

rofa alt   Order by Bettenwelt in Zarrentin

Bettenwelt GmbH & Co. KG, as service provider for the Danish Bettenlager GmbH & Co. KG in Germany, is provider of the logistic centre in Zarrentin.

It is planed to expand the facility by an automatic high bay warehouse and associated functional areas. The expansion includes approx. 78.840 euro-pallet storing positions.

ROFA's scope of supply includes a PPC with 300 m double rail, 14 low rider vehicles with onboard chain conveyors, 6 lifting stations, 82 stationary chain conveyors, as well as various safety systems.

bmw   Further order by BMW Dingolfing

ROFA received the order for various expansions by BWM Dingolfing. The scope includes new EMS in body shop for rear floor (350 m, 20 vehicles) and floor group (150 m, 10 vehicles), as well as 3 belt conveyors. Addionally ROFA delivers 1 swing table, 1 turntable, 5 switches and 3 crossovers. Various loop modifications will be realized in hall 30.4 and 30.5, as well as the expansion of the door and flap system F10 and F11.

vw   Volkswagen India, Pune plant

ROFA will optimize the final assembly in the Volkswagen Indian plant in Pune.

The scope includes:

- optimization of 7 final assembly systems:

   1. trim line: skillet system
   2. chassis-line: heavy duty EMS
   3. finish line: slat conveyor
   4. inspection conveyor: plastic module conveyor
   5. door line: P&F- system
   6. cockpit line: EMS KB 180
   7. frontend EMS - without drive

- inspection and rework of header steel
- delivery of 75 piece of new inclination vehicles for the heavy duty EMS