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New projects at BMW Regensburg in the paint shop, integration E89

Once the decision has been made that the new Z4 will be built in Regensburg, ROFA-Lehmer received the order of the reconstruction for the integration of the Z4. The scope includes numerous new workstations, connecting conveyors and a P&F system.

New order by BMW Regensburg for the final assembly, band 50
Existing systems in the final assembly of the Regensburg plant had to be modified for the connection to the new marriage station. To realize the connection, an existing slat conveyor was shortened, existing EMS and wire rope conveyor were reworked and adjusted.

New order by BMW Dingolfing - reconstruction AMA material handling technology  
As part of the reorganization of the AMA material handling in the final assembly plant in Dingolfing, both the Carnuth hall (disposal) and the pre-storage of high bay warehouse will be renewed. ROFA-Lehmer will deliver 280 new chain conveyor, 40 corner transfer conveyors, 5 turntables, 3 transfer vehicles (2 pieces with fork), 1 lifting station and various steel construction. 4 lifting units will be adaped to the new requirements.

New order by BMW Dingolfing for the final assembly, slat conveyor
ROFA-Lehmer delivers one new slat conveyor (width: 3 m, length: 100 m) for the final assembly of BMW's Dingolfing plant.