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Addition to capacity at Daimler Düsseldorf
Within the scope of the project to extend the capacity up to 170 T chassis, ROFA-Lehmer obtained the order to reconstruct the existing skid handling system and EMS to reduce bottlenecks in the production process.  Included are actions, like the creation of additional buffer areas, delivery of additional vehciles and the increase of transportation speeds.

Lifting unit hall 141 at Daimler Düsseldorf
ROFA-Lehmer delivers an external goods hoist for hall 141. The four column lifting unit is supposed to reduce the transportation time, as well as the traffic between ground and first floor. The heavy duty drop lifter, with a load of 6 to will be errected at the outside of the building. To reduce weather and temperature influences, the lifter will be built in a housing. Also the facade and the hight speed door will be delivered by ROFA-Lehmer.

New order of Daimler Sindelfingen
Building 34 - reconstruction Q114 and Q210 with adjustment of the conveying line
Alterations in the KLT loops generated a chance in the operation of the chassis transport in building 34.  ROFA-Lehmer received the order of the reconstruction, whereas a more simple and straight drive should be realised. In two steps, various chain conveyors, lifting tables and roller conveyors will be disassembled, reconstructed and partial new supplied.