rofa alt   Changes in the Executive Board

The ROFA group has significantly grown over past few years. ROFA GmbH constituted the core of the growth and will definitely contribute considerably to further developments in the future. By significantly strengthening the management, in particular at ROFA GmbH, over the past few years we could stay abreast of theses developments.

In Juli 2005 we appointed Mr. Bauer and Mr. Buchacher chief executives and granted power of procuration to Ms. Schwarz and Mr. Seltmann. This group of people has since been in charge of the operative division of ROFA GmbH.

Since that time Mr. Kozsar has delved more and more intensively with the expansion of the group under the roof of ROFA AG as well as with the strategic development and financing. The time invested in this task is no more reconcilable with the occupation as chief executive of ROFA GmbH. We have therefore granted Mr. Kozsar's wish to resign from the office as chief executive of ROFA GmbH as per 09-30-2008.

In his own interest Mr Koszar will be at the disposal of ROFA GmbH as associate, consultant and will continue to attend to your concerns.

With this decision we furthermore express our deepest trust in the management of ROFA GmbH.

In future, apart from consulting ROFA GmbH, Mr. Kozsar will attend to the investment management and the expansion of the group and thus ensure that ROFA GmbH and/or ROFA group will remain a reliable, worldwide active partner for your company.

We trust that this a further positive step in the development of the ROFA Group and are looking forward to continuing our good cooperation in the future.