Order by OPEL Ruesselsheim

ROFA received the contract to realize the conveying technology as turnkey supplier for Opel Ruesselsheim's new project "Espsilon". This project consists of basically 2 steps, whereas the first step, adjustments and new systems for the new Opel modells Vectra, will be presently realized.

Scope of step 1:

- EMS KB180 for front vehicle: reconstruction of 85 carriers, adjustment of 3 lifting stations
- EMS KB180 for base frame: reconstruction of 40 carriers, adjustment of 2 lifting stations
- expansion step 1: reconstruction of 54 carriers, adjustment of 3 lifting stations, inspection and
  adjustment of 55 driving unit transportation vehicles
- EMS KB180 for outer side panels: expansion by 100 vehicles with carriers, reconstruction of 226 carriers,
  adjustment of 4 lifting stations, 1,000 m track system + 120 curves, 400 m angular stacking, 40 switches and 7.000 m² safety guard
- EMS KB180 for roof transportation: reconstruction of 19 carriers, adjustment of 4 lifting stations
- Skid: adjustment of a telescopic transfer trolley, displace of the return course, expansion of the stapling area