audi   New orders by Audi Neckarsulm

ROFA will realize new electrified monorail systems for Audi Necksarsulm - "front wheel arch" and "rear floor", as well as "inner side panels with clip station".

The EMSs "front wheel" transport parts from the application system to the base frame and consider a buffer of 25 cycles each. The scope includes 500 m rail system, 25 vehicles with carriers, 8 switches, 3 lifting stations, 5 loading fixations, 5 vehicle positionings and 4 repair areas.

The EMSs "rear floor" unloads the floor parts off the application system and transfers them to the accumulating conveyors, robots take delivery off the EMSs and store them. The systems include 360 m rail system, 30 vehicles with carriers, 8 switches, 4 lifting stations, 2 robots and 2 accumulating conveyors. The systems "inner side panels with clip station" consists of 2 EMS which transport left and right side panels from the application system to the accumulating conveyors. Following to that, the parts are transfered to a skid system by robot. The project will be jointly realized with our subsidiary ROFA-Lehmer and includes 250 m rail system, 12 vehicles with carriers, 6 switches, 2 lifting stations, as well as 2 roller conveyors, 1 turn table, 2 robots, 4 accumulating conveyors and 2 additional robots with bonding function.

SOP will be end of May 2007.


Order by OPEL Ruesselsheim

ROFA received the contract to realize the conveying technology as turnkey supplier for Opel Ruesselsheim's new project "Espsilon". This project consists of basically 2 steps, whereas the first step, adjustments and new systems for the new Opel modells Vectra, will be presently realized.

Scope of step 1:

- EMS KB180 for front vehicle: reconstruction of 85 carriers, adjustment of 3 lifting stations
- EMS KB180 for base frame: reconstruction of 40 carriers, adjustment of 2 lifting stations
- expansion step 1: reconstruction of 54 carriers, adjustment of 3 lifting stations, inspection and
  adjustment of 55 driving unit transportation vehicles
- EMS KB180 for outer side panels: expansion by 100 vehicles with carriers, reconstruction of 226 carriers,
  adjustment of 4 lifting stations, 1,000 m track system + 120 curves, 400 m angular stacking, 40 switches and 7.000 m² safety guard
- EMS KB180 for roof transportation: reconstruction of 19 carriers, adjustment of 4 lifting stations
- Skid: adjustment of a telescopic transfer trolley, displace of the return course, expansion of the stapling area

bmw   EMS systems for BMW Dingolfing

BMW Dingolfing placed the order for four new electrified monorail systems KB180.
The systems are designed for the transportation of bodies, outer side panels, doors and flaps, as well as underbody and floor units. The systems include 7 km rail system, 75 switches, 20 turnswitches, 4 lifting stations and 75 vehicles.

The facilities will be built according to BMW "best practice".

daimler   New systems for DaimlerChrysler Sindelfingen and Rastatt

ROFA will deliver 3 systems for the training and trial facilities of DaimlerChrysler' s Sindelfingen and Rastatt plants. The systems are determinded for process optimization in simulation lines and include one EMS KB240 with 13 lifting and lowering carriers and three slat conveyors with integrated lifting tables.

bmw   Further EMS for BMW Dingolfing

ROFA received a further order of BMW Dingolfing.
A hight adjustable engine assembly with a lenght of 120 m and 30 vehicles will be realized. This system will be a double track EMS KB180 with scissors lifting mechanism. Besides, the scope includes 3 lifting stations, 3 transfer shuttles and 11 switches according BMW requirements "Best Practice". Furthermore, approx. 850 m engine EMS will be adjusted to a new course, whereas a new engine-line and engagement-line will be installed.

gm   New oder by GM Poland

ROFA received the order to realize the new conveying technique of the body shop of GM FSO in Warsaw.
This plant will produce four upcoming new models of GM and the FSO plant will therefore being modernized . ROFA, as "system integrator" will install and automatize the total scope, existing of 96 roller conveyors, 8 turn tables, 2 scissors lifting tables and 5 drop lifters. In addition two new EMS of type KB180 for the transport of side panel (l/r) will be realized.
The interface between conveying level and welding line will be realized by lifting stations (4 piece). GM global standards apply to both systems. Cycle time of the conveying systems is 60".

Completion will be in July 2007.