freightliner   ROFA delivers conveying technology to Freightliner / USA

Freightliner is the leading manufacturer of heavy duty trucks in North America. For their plant in Cleveland, North Carolina, they contracted ROFA for two new projects. The first project includes the conveying technology for truck cabin roofs. 150 m electrified monorail system KB180, 10 vehicles with carriers, 1 lifting station, 2 switches and one lowering rail will be realized. The carriers are equipped with vacuum technology for workpiece mounting. Two slat conveyors are also scope of the project. The second project comprises is the realization of the cabin transport through final assembly. 350 m heavy duty EMS KB240 with switches and 4 lifting stations are scope of delivery. The twelf 6-arm lifting carriers with belt technology can mount two different kind of chassis.

SOP will be in August 2007.