Engine assembly for DaimlerChrysler's Bremen plant

DaimlerChrysler Bremen commissioned ROFA with the order of an engine assembly. The comprehensive project includes:

Front axle assembly and delivery:
Consisting of an oval roller conveyor, as well as 100 m overhead monorail technique with 12 vehicles

I-beam assembly:
Consisting of 100 m overhead monorail technique with 20 vehicles

Engine assembly:
Consisting of 60 m slat conveyor

Engine assembly EMS:
Consisting of 250 m EMS and 20 vehicles

Engine mechanisation:
Consisting of one skillet system with 28 skillet platforms, 4 lifting stations, 250 m rail construction an 60 roller conveyors - SOP will be in September 2006.

bmw   Further order by BMW Shenyang

ROFA received a follow-up order by BMW Shenyang, which will be handled completely by the ROFA subsidiary in Beijing. The project includes the expansion of Trim 1 and Trim 2, the relocation of transfer vehicles, installation of a new lifting- and swing station, reconstruction of the handover station, reconstruction of the assembly beams for power train pre-assebmly, as well as the reconstruction of door transporting carriers. For the first time, all mechanical scopes will be handled in China. Our staff in China supervises the quality and all timing independently.

bmw   Order by BMW Dingolfing

ROFA received a further order by BMW Dingolfing, to realise an EMS for the transport of motors. Special features of this system are 14 piece twin track carriers with scissors lifting mechanism.To complete the motors ergonomically, it is necessary to vary the assembly heights. Therefor the basic EMS-carrier is picked up by a twin track carrier. The individual work stations are approached in different assembly heights. Additionally the system includes 90 m twin track EMS and approx. 70 m engine EMS (adjustment), 3 transfer shuttles for the twin track carrier loop, 330 m² safety fence and 130 m² maintenance platform.

deree   Further order by John Deere in Bruchsal

In December 2005 ROFA received a further order by John Deere in Bruchsal. It comprises the floor conveyance technique for six electro-control and checkout-systems for tractor cabines and includes chain conveyors, transfer trolleys and corner transfer units.

vw   Further order by Autoeuropa Palmela / Portugal

Autoeuropa in Palmela / Portugal commissioned a further order to realize two plastic slat conveyor in the final assembly. Both slat conveyors are 56 m in length and 3.2 m in width and equipped with a material deposit station.

vw   Autoeuropa Palmela / Portugal

For the Volkswagen Autoeuropa plant in Palmela / Portugal, ROFA will expand an existing skid system. The scope includes the works for the new facility, the adjustment of the previous systems (racks, rack feeders, floor conveyor systems), adjustment of the old hall, a new fifo-system, a new skid buffer. The following conveying systems will be realised: roller conveyors, cross belt conveyors, excentric lifting tables, scissors lifting tables, transfer units. The project will be handled by ROFA Espana.

freightliner   ROFA delivers conveying technology to Freightliner / USA

Freightliner is the leading manufacturer of heavy duty trucks in North America. For their plant in Cleveland, North Carolina, they contracted ROFA for two new projects. The first project includes the conveying technology for truck cabin roofs. 150 m electrified monorail system KB180, 10 vehicles with carriers, 1 lifting station, 2 switches and one lowering rail will be realized. The carriers are equipped with vacuum technology for workpiece mounting. Two slat conveyors are also scope of the project. The second project comprises is the realization of the cabin transport through final assembly. 350 m heavy duty EMS KB240 with switches and 4 lifting stations are scope of delivery. The twelf 6-arm lifting carriers with belt technology can mount two different kind of chassis.

SOP will be in August 2007.

daimler   Further order by DaimlerChrysler Bremen

ROFA will revise DaimlerChryslers existing cockpit EMS, hall 9, in Bremen. The scope of work includes an addtional 500 m EMS track, 15 EMS carriers and a new drop lifter. Furthermore, to meet Daimler Chrysler's Integra standard, an existing droplifter will be reconstructed. SOP will be in October 2006.

bmw   New order by BMW Dingolfing

ROFA received the order to realize two electrified monorail systems KB180 at BMW Dingolfing. One EMS for the transport of doors with a length of 2,250 m and 295 vehicles. A second EMS for the pre-assembly of doors with a length of 690 m and 220 vehicles. Furthermore the project includes 8 lifting stations and 8 turning stations.

bmw   Follow up order by BMW for their body shop in Spartanburg / USA

ROFA received an additional order of BMW for their Spartanburg plant to expand the body shop of the new X5. 200 m EMS and 15 new vehicles for the floor conveying system, as well as 4 edge converters and one turntable will be implemented.

audi   New order by Audi Neckarsulm

ROFA as general contractor and systems integrator will realize an EMS KB180 in the body shop of Audi's Neckarsulm plant. The system includes 560 m EMS, 35 vehicles, 40 switches, 8 lifting stations, as well as the integration of robots and friction roller conveyors for buffering.

bmw   Expansion of the heavy duty EMS at BMW in Leipzig

Early this year ROFA was given an additonal order by BMW Leipzig for their heavy duty EMS which was launched in 2005. The scope of work includes additional 80 m EMS, 2 x 90° bends, 6 vehicles and one switch for the transfer area. Besides that a safety fencing from EMS to a visitors catwalk will be realized.

fritzmeier   Conveying system for truck cabin roofs

For the customer Fritzmeier in Hinrichssegen / Germany, ROFA realizes an EMS KB180 to transport truck cabin roofs. The project includes 330m EMS track, 6 lifting carriers with vacuum technology, 9 switches, 1 rotating switch and 60 tons steel construction. The system is designed for 1.000 kg pay load. SOP will be in January 2007.

man   Order by MAN Niepolomice / Poland

For the truck assembly in the Polish palnt in Niepolomice, close to Krakow, ROFA will realize two loops for the pre- and final assembly. The two AGV loops have a length of 240 m and 190 m. The inductive power supplied vehicle sets consists of one power and one idler trolley. This well-tried technology enables pay loads up to several tons.

daimler   Order by DaimmlerChrysler East London / South Africa

ROFA received the order by DaimlerChrysler to realise several systems in the final assembly of their plant in East London / South Africa. Besides a heavy duty EMS with lifting mechanism, an EMS for the transport of motors, a slat conveyor and a marriage system with inductive floor conveying technique will be realized.

rofa-donghee-rofa-logo   New orders for Donghee-ROFA

Donghee-ROFA + ROFA GmbH will jointly realize the following systems for the customer Hyundai India (HMI#2) in their assembly and body shop:

Assembly shop:
- Trim-line: skillet system with 63 skillets and 6 drop lifters
- Final-line: skillet system with 63 skillets and 6 drop lifters
- Chassis-line: 600 m OHC-system, 90 carriers
- Marriage-line: RGV-system with 13 rail guided vehicles
- OK-line: 140 m slat conveyor

-  6 EMS for body parts (length of 900 m , 71 vehicles and 8 drop lifters)

A further order was given to Donghee-ROFA by KIA for their plant in China (DYKMC#2). This order includes a skillet system with 126 skillet platforms and 12 drop lifters for trim and final line.