kia   Body & Press Shop for KIA Zilina / Slowakia

Among the voluminous project the bodyshop scope includes several electrified monorail systems type KB180 for the transport of e.g. side panels, roof, cockpit, fender, etc. with a total of 97 vehicles and a conveying line of 1,495 m. Additionally a skid handling system with roller conveyors, chain- and belt technology, as well as two high rack systems will be realized. Among the press shop scope are two electrified monorail systems also type KB180 with 72 trolleys, a conveying line of 845 m and a high rack storage area. SOP will be in July 2006.

rofa   Turnover and outcome in the past business year

Our business year ended on June 30, 2005. Like in previous years the development of turnover and outcome is extraordinary positive in contrast to the general market tendency. Among other things we attribute that to the satisfaction of our customers in our products. Further on we will work on improving our performance.

We would like to thank all our business partners for their trust!

rofa alt   Increase in board numbers

Over the past few years ROFA has developed from a local supplier of conveying technology to an international supplier of automation solutions. ROFA is now exporting to more than 20 countries, 60% of total sales are exports, and there are independent ROFA branches in seven countries. The company has now decided to increase the size of the management team to handle the recent expansion of the company and to meet future requirements. Andreas Bauer will be responsible for project management, design and administration. Günther Buchacher will be responsible for marketing, purchasing and manufacture. Werner Seltmann, who is responsible for electrical systems, electrical engineering and new technologies on the board, will manage these divisions as official company representative. Brigitte Schwarz will manage the administration division as official company representative. Wolfgang Kozsar, formerly sole managing director, will now be responsible for participation administration, strategy and finance as management speaker. We are sure that these changes will continue and strengthen the exciting developments of the last few years. ROFA will remain a flexible medium-sized company that can work with customers and business partners to manage all types of projects.


Increase in board numbers
deree   Order by John Deere Bruchsal

John Deere commissioned a skillet system for tractor cabins for their final assembly in Bruchsal, Germany. The project includes about 280 m total length with 68 platforms with lifting-, rotating unit, 4 edge converters, 4 pullouts and 4 transversal chain conveyors. SOP will be in June 2006.

rofa-china-logo   ROFA subsidiary in China

Our new subsidiary ROFA Beijing Automation and Conveyance Technology Co. Ltd. China is officially in operation since beginning of September, on a 200 m² office and 860 m² assembly and installation area. Six resident ROFA staff members are responsible for our business activities in China and the support and supervison of our customers and projects.

audi   Heavy-Duty EMS for AUDI Ingolstadt

ROFA realizes a heavy duty EMS KB240 for the final assembly of the new A4. The project includes two loops of approx. 150 m, 12 vehicles with 3 m scissors lifting carrier each and 8 double turn switches for positioning cross drive. SOP will be in April 2006.

rofa alt   Innovation by ROFA

The latest development in the EMS-technology by ROFA is the light-duty EMS KB114. By its compact construction with a minimized hight of 215 mm from bottom line steel construction to center load bar, it provides a large range of applications for loads up to 300 kg. The modular construction enables short assembly times. A clear advantage to the conventional systems KB180 and KB240 is the minimized hight and load capacity. The connection to the rail is directly. Compared to the systems with C1-profile a reduction of the costs up to 30% was achieved.

daimler   New door line for Daimler Chryler's Bremen

Because of the very good launch of the ROFA heavy duty EMS in Bremen, DaimlerChrysler decided again for ROFA quality for their new door line. A total of 800 m system on two levels, whereas assembly on first floor and handling and connection on second floor, will be realized. The system also includes 70 vehicles, one lifting station, 104 m dragline and for tranfer to the rollerconveyor technology of the existing door storage two transfer vehicles and four cross shuttles from the skillet platform in/off the carrier. SOP will be in beginning of January 2006.