Special Solutions

Individual solutions are not too difficult for us

We offer the right solution for your demands. Special circumstances or the integration of a specific function is already considered during the design phase and put into innovative technology.

Ever since the existence of our company, we have focused on optimal conveying solutions in the interests of our customers, whether it is a system suspended from the ceiling or erected on the floor.

Special Solution | Heavy Duty Round Track

  • up to 70 tons load capacity
  • conversion of the assembly process from insular to linear flow
  • continuous assembly with automated continuous or cyclic operation
  • the time interval can be variably adjusted to production processes
  • highly flexible in the event of expansions (e.g. increase in the production capacity)
  • possibility to transport workers on the platforms
  • coupling with other (higher) systems is possible (e.g. Andon, Visualization, MFR, etc.)
  • maximum flexibility in the design of the layout
  • rail can be designed traversable or flush to the floor (e.g. trafficable by fork-lift trucks)
  • supplementary functions are possible at any time by additional power transmission (e.g. supply of lifting units, movable test units)
Rail guided transport system of the new generation

The special feature here is that the wheels rest with two points on the so called „Gothic arch“ of a round track. The contact angle is approximately 30°. Thereby, compared to conventional crane gantries or rail tracks, the power transmission can be increased significantly, resulting in the ability to transport heavier cargos.

Furthermore the combination of round
track and running wheels also results reduced friction which minimizes the required thrust and reduces the wear of the drive components.


Special Solution | Scissors Lifting Table Type MT

  • self-supporting subframe
  • bellow subframe guarantees fast and simple access to the mechanics
  • removal of motors without disassembly of winding shaft
  • low in maintenance due to bearing bushes with solid lubricant
On a higher level

The scissors lifting table TYPE MT is designed for mobile use (e.g. in skillet systems). However, it can be used stationary at any time. A customized lifting table control, which covers all safety aspects with the required performance level, is available besides the scissors lifting table itself to comply with an overall concept.

Plattform sizes and strokes are adapted to the customer’s requirements, whereas a minimum width of the platform (for loads below 1,000 kg) of 900 mm and a maximum lifting height of about half the platform length can be assumed.

Load capacity

Technical data:
  • MT1000: 1,000 kg
  • MT2500: 2,500 kg
  • MT6000: 6,000 kg
Lifting speeds

Technical data:
  • standard:
    50 mm/s and
    100 mm/s

Technical data:
  • MT2500-1: winding shaft at scissor’s movable bearing for a load up to 1,250 kg
  • MT2500-2: winding shaft at scissor’s fixed bearing for a load up to 2,500 kg


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