Overhead Conveyors | Electrified Monorail Systems (EMS)

Flexible at the ceiling

These systems – designed according to VDI 3643 – convince due to their simple set up, the wide range of application possibilities and the full compatibility with the systems of other producers, which are built according to the same so-called C1 standard.

The modular design enables short assembly times as well as various load configurations. The plants work efficiently and rationally, at a low noise level and offer exact positioning accuracy and the highest degree of functionality. They can be individually adjusted to any conveying task.

EMS KB 135

  • load: up to 300 kg
  • speed:
    up to 120 m/min
EMS KB 180 

  • load: up to 1.500 kg
  • speed:
    up to 150 m/min
EMS KB 240

  • load: up to 10.000 kg
  • speed:
    up to 60 m/min
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Overhead conveyors

Overhead Conveyors | Power & Free Systems

For individual requirements

ROFA’s Power & Free systems are an ideal solution for transportation tasks which require flexibility when handling large quantities and using less complex load bearing vehicles. Here the loads can vary between a few kilograms up to several hundred kilograms.

The systems thinking of Power & Free is based on a dual-track system where a power chain operates in the above track. The individual vehicles, driven by the chain, run in the track below, the so-called free track. These vehicles can be target and time controlled according to individual requirements.

On request and according to the load range, our product range offers various chain programs: from a simple detachable chain to 4 inch and 6 inch chains.


  • vehicles without self-drive
  • flexible connection and disconnection
  • continuously variable speeds
  • centered drive unit
  • cycle operation via transfer units possible (loading / unloading)
  • cargo up to 3 tons, heavier loads on request
  • upwards and downward slopes up to 30° possible
Overhead Conveyors 
Wire Rope Conveyors

Flexible transportation of heavy loads

Overhead wire rope conveyors represent, just like a P&F system, a combination of electrified monorail system and cablecar technology. The great advantage of these systems is that the vehicles can be connected and disconnected flexibly.

Hence they can ideally be used in continuous conveying processes.

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