Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGV)

AGVi - AGVii

  • power design optional via contact line, induction or battery
  • steering optional via mechanical tracking, non-contact induction, laser, wireless or optical systems
  • wide range of loads
  • individual programming
  • extensive combination possibilities with other conveying systems
  • flexible routing
AGV systems on the advance

More and more often ROFA realizes the automatic floor transportation in the inner material flow and in the production
connection with automated guided vehicle systems.

The characteristics of these systems are the low purchase and operation costs while using state-of-the-art technology.


  • load: up to 3,000 kg
  • speed: up to 60 m/min
  • power transmission: induction
AGVi heavy load

  • load: up to 20,000 kg
  • speed: up to 25 m/min
  • power transmission: induction

  • Load: up to 8,000 kg
  • speed: up to 60 m/min
  • tracking and power transmission: induction

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High-Lift Fork Truck | Phoenix series

  • Payload: standard up to 1,500 kg, special up to 4,500 kg
  • Lift height: 1,200 to 3,000 mm
  • Safety equipment: strip sensors, laser scanner with speed-based warning range, soft bumpers
  • Power supply: Lead-, NiCd-, LiMnCo or LiFePo4-batteries

With Phoenix series automated guided high-lift fork trucks, pallets, lattice boxes, and other containers can be picked and placed at floor level or in elevated storage locations. The lifting forks are lowered directly above the stabilizing arms in the freely navigating vehicle. Its small turning radius allows load handling under limited space conditions. Payload, controller with drive and battery are arranged one after the other.

High-lift fork trucks, straddle trucks, rack stackers, reach trucks, counterbalance stackers, side shift stackers, telescoping fork stackers

1 stapler phoenix 2 stapler phoenix 3 stapler phoenix 4 stapler phoenix 5 stapler phoenix 6 stapler phoenix

High-Rack Stackers | Mayesto series

  • Transfer height: up to 11 meters
  • Payload: up to 1.5 tons
  • Speed: up to 2.7 m/s
  • Navigation: free magnet navigation
  • Power supply: Pb-batteries 80 V/930 Ah, manual loading in the vehicle or battery change

The Mayesto series automated guided high-rack stacker is particularly well suited for loading and unloading pallets, lattice boxes, and other containers in high-rack storage systems. The automated guided narrow-aisle stacker is equipped with a telescopic table with forks that extend to the left and right, like a shelf picker, to load and unload units. Alternatively, it can also be equipped with a pivoting fork.

1 hochregalstapler mayesto 2 hochregalstapler mayesto 3 hochregalstapler mayesto

Drive-Under Tractors, Platform Trucks | Caesar series

  • Payload: standard 150 – 63,000 kg
  • Towing capacity: up to 5,500 kg
  • Safety equipment: strip sensors, laser scanner with speed-based warning range, radar sensors, soft bumpers
  • Power supply: Lead, NiCd-, LiMnCo- or LiFePo4-batteries
The automated guided platform trucks in the Caesar series can be optionally equipped with roller, belt, or chain conveyors. Their extremely compact size means that the automated transporters are hardly taller than the installed roller conveyors, with a transfer height of just 500 mm. A powerful towing tractor version is also available. Drive-under tractors are particularly well suited for transporting containers supported on rollers, with space beneath.

platform truck, drive-under tractor, towing tractor

1 plattformwagen phoenix 2 plattformwagen phoenix 3 plattformwagen phoenix 4 plattformwagen phoenix

Simple Solution | Motormouse

The Motormouse series is characterized by a high level of functionality at a vehicle cost that is well below that of traditional systems. The vehicles can be provided with various load handling devices and thus equipped for nearly any transport task in any industry. Its modular construction and the use of robust components make this type of vehicle particularly service and maintenance-friendly.

1 motomouse 2 motomouse

Service Robot | Casero

serviceroboter casero The Casero care and service robot is used in residential care facilities and hospitals, as well as hotels, public entities and offices for internal transportation. The transport vehicle can navigate freely and supplies patients in hospitals and residential care facilities with beverages and meals. The basic vehicle has a platform that can be equipped with a customer-specific superstructure.

Heavy Load Transporters | Caesar series

  • Transported goods: workpieces, press tools, coils, plates, castings, steel beams
  • Load capacity: .4 to 80 tons
  • Vehicle length: up to 8 meters
  • Specialized equipment: all-wheel steering, coil fixture
  • Outdoor vehicles: radar sensors

The automated guided heavy payload vehicles in the Caesar series transport large and heavy loads of up to 63 tons. If automated guided transport systems are also used in outdoor areas, they are built to withstand all kinds of weather.

1 schwerlasttransporter caesar 2 schwerlasttransporter caesar 3 schwerlasttransporter caesar 4 schwerlasttransporter caesar

Specialized Vehicles

  • Specialized equipment: RFID/barcode reader, weighing device, metering device, roller conveyor, belt conveyor, chain conveyor, flexible load supports, cover lifter, dual mode
  • Stainless steel vehicle: IP54, dustproof, splash- and hose proof
  • Clean room certification: emissions-free, GMP certification
Our strength is the development of specialized solutions for individual customers, including specialized vehicles. These include, for example, vehicles with scanning, weighing, or metering functions, outdoor vehicles, and four-way or double fork stackers. In addition to classical 3-wheeled vehicles, we offer vehicle chassis with 4 or 6 wheel designs for specific applications. Multiple steering axles are also possible. Depending on the wheel arrangement, all wheels can be steered specifically. This technology allows transverse or diagonal travel (crab moves) and is most suitable for tight space conditions. Special requirements for hygiene and safety apply for manufacturing food products and in clinics and hospitals. Upon request, we realize the automated guided vehicles in stainless steel and seal off all enclosures and lifting devices in accordance with the IP54 protection level. This means that the vehicles can be disinfected by using steam on all sides.

1 sonderfahrzeuge 2 sonderfahrzeuge 3 sonderfahrzeuge 4 sonderfahrzeuge 5 sonderfahrzeuge 6 sonderfahrzeuge

Stainless steel
1 sonderfahrzeuge edelstahl 2 sonderfahrzeuge edelstahl 3 sonderfahrzeuge edelstahl

LogOS | Logistic Operating System

The multifunctional Logistic Operating System LogOS has been developed by MLR as a dedicated management and control software platform that controls internal transport systems, monitors machines, coordinates material and product flows, and thereby organizes and manages all common types of warehouses. External vehicles, such as forklifts and cranes, and materials handling systems and high-rack storage systems can also be integrated in the overall system, as well as elevators, fire protection doors and safety devices. LogOS has standard interfaces for typical ERP and MRP systems, allowing fast and economical integration in existing IT structures. Continuous development of LogOS guarantees the customer a future-proof investment.

1 logistic operating system 2 logistic operating system 3 logistic operating system

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