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ROFA AG aquires the remaining shares of ROFA MÜVEK Kft.

Laszlo Csegei and Roland LakatosAs of December 21, 2018, ROFA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AG acquired the remaining shares of  ROFA MÜVEK Kft. in Timar / Hungary and hence to be 100% shareholder of the premium manufacturer.

Laszlo Csegei, managing director of ROFA MÜVEK for many years, will resign for health reasons until March 31, 2019. Roland Lakatos was appointed as new managing director and will assume the position on April 01, 2019 as sole managing director. Roland Lakatos will be a worthy successor who  knows the company for 18 years.

We are convinced that this step will strengthen the successful continuation and development of the company within the ROFA Group.

ROFA MÜVEK is located in Timár / Hungary, a town of 1,300 inhabitants, approx. 2.5 hours drive from Budapest, north-east direction. Currently, the company employs a staff of about 100. ROFA MÜVEK plays a distinct role within the supplier structure of ROFA AG and manufactures a high percentage of the heavy-duty carriers for ROFA AG.