State Secretary of Finance for State Development visits ROFA AG

Besuch Dr. ReichhartOn August 30, 2018, State Secretary of Finance for State Development in the Bavarian Ministry, Dr. Ing. Hans Reichhart, and his collegues of the CSU party Daniel Artmann, Otto Lederer and Günther Wunsam, visited ROFA INUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AG in Kolbermoor.

As a healthy traditional company, ROFA is very attached to Kolbermoor and firmly rooted in the region despite of international presence. The headquarter currently employs 175 people and creates new jobs each year through strategic growth, especially in technical departments such as design and project management. ROFA also attaches particular importance in training its own specialists of tomorrow. Thirteen trainees in Kolbermoor, more than 50 trainees within the group, are being prepared for the world of work in state-of-the-art training workshops and by practical tasks.

The visitors showed particular interest in the miscellaneous product range of ROFA. During a tour of the premises, different electric monorail systems and floor conveyor systems were demonstrated in the company's own application facility.